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Can 4 minutes of exercise make a difference? Good news - yes it can!

If the thought of hitting the gym or running laps makes you cringe, we've got some fantastic news for you. Turns out, you can boost your health with just four to five minutes of vigorous/energetic moves a day!

November 27, 2023

This is known as Vigorous Intermittent Lifestyle Physical Activity (VILPA). Just a few minutes a day, broken into quick one-to-two-minute bursts. It's like a mini workout that can do wonders for your health.

What counts as vigorous or energetic?

Imagine doing everyday tasks with a bit of oomph—carrying groceries, taking the stairs, or even a power walk. Vigorous activity means getting your heart rate up to 77-95% of its maximum. Don't worry about complex calculations; you can use a smartwatch or try the ‘talk test’. If you're huffing and puffing after a few words, you're on the right track!


Research on VILPA shows that small bursts of vigorous physical activity can offer massive health benefits, helping you live a healthier, longer life. And the best part? The benefits apply to both reluctant exercisers and activity enthusiasts alike!

Easy ways to sneak in a bit of VILPA:

  • Take the stairs

  • Ditch the lift or escalator for a minute or two of heart-pumping stair climbing.

  • Turn chores into workouts with active cleaning and gardening

  • Carrying groceries

  • Walk to and from the shop to give your heart a workout while carrying those groceries.

  • Power walk or uphill stride

  • Speed up your stroll, especially if you can find an uphill path for bonus points!

  • Playtime with kids or pets

  • Outdoor fun like trampoline bouncing or racing with your kids and furry friends—it's exercise with a side of fun!

As well as your health, there are other benefits to VILPA:

  • Fits into your day: No need to rearrange your schedule; just sprinkle VILPA throughout your routine.

  • No special equipment needed: Forget fancy gym gear; your everyday activities are the perfect VILPA playground.

  • It's free: Good health doesn't have to cost a cent!

  • Whether you're at home, work, or the supermarket, VILPA is your go-to health booster.

If you intend to take any action or inaction based on this information, it is recommended that you obtain your own advice from a medical professional based on your specific circumstances.
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