Door handle being cleaned

6 household items you should clean but probably don't

There are things we touch every day that should get cleaned on a regular basis but often get forgotten in our normal cleaning routine. Here are 6 items that may need some attention.

March 25, 2021
Door handle being cleaned

Think of all the surfaces in your home that are touched multiple times a day by multiple people – and the number of germs that are transferred from person to person in the process (particularly with kids who may not be as thorough with their handwashing as we’d like!).

  • Light switches – everyone uses these (probably turning them on rather than off!).
  • TV remotes – fights can break out for control of this one!
  • Air-conditioning remotes – same as TV remotes – lots of hands, lots of germs.
  • Mobile phones – we take them everywhere with us these days, including to the loo!
  • Door handles – something everyone will touch at some point during the day.
  • Computer keyboards – whether your computer is shared, or everyone has their own, dirt and germs still gather in and around the keys.  

It’s best not to spray anything directly onto these items, as this might cause damage. Dampen a microfibre cloth with your usual household cleaner and wipe. A dry toothbrush is also great to dislodge any dust and dirt before you start cleaning.  

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