Handy Home Hints

Unleash the potential of your muffin trays!

You can use your muffin trays for more than just baking. The handy, individual compartments make them ideal for many alternative uses around your home.

April 5, 2024

Flat pack helper

Organise the different screws and fixings when you’re assembling flat-pack furniture.

Artist’s palette

The cups are perfect for holding and mixing different paint colours.

Lego wrangler

Save your poor old feet from the Lego nightmare and get all those little bits and pieces under control!

Party, party!

Make party ice cubes - perfect for jugs of water or drinks as they don't melt as quickly. Add slices of lemon before freezing.

Chocolate fondue anyone?

Make a chocolate fondue platter – put melted chocolate in one section and a selection of fruits to dunk, in the others.

Ice cream bling

Use as an ice-cream topping station with a different choice in each section - great for children’s parties. 

Very saucy!

Use each cup to serve different condiments or dips at a party or BBQ.

Seed starting pots

Fill with soil to start small plants or herbs before planting them out into garden beds.

Bits and bobs

Sort and store small items like beads, buttons, or pins.

Office supplies

Put one in a drawer to organise paper clips, rubber bands, and other small office supplies.

Jewellery keeper

Sort earrings, rings, and small necklaces to keep your jewellery organised and easy to find.

DIY helper

Sort screws, nails, nuts, and bolts when working on DIY projects or repairs.

Mini garden beds

Fill each cup with soil and plant small succulents for a miniature indoor garden.

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