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7 alternative uses for muffin trays

You can use your muffin trays for more than just baking. The handy, individual compartments make them ideal for many alternative uses around your home.

June 18, 2020
Handy Home Hints main
  1. Organise the different screws and fixings when you’re assembling flat-pack furniture.
  2. Use as an artist's palette - the cups are perfect for holding and mixing different paint colours.
  3. Lego organiser - get all those little bits and pieces under control.
  4. Make party ice cubes - perfect for water pitchers as they don't melt as quickly. Add slices of lemon before freezing.
  5. Make a chocolate fondue platter – put melted chocolate in one section and a selection of fruits to dunk in the others.
  6. Use as an ice-cream topping station with a different choice in each section - great for children’s parties.
  7. Make a treasure hunt for young children - paint each cup a different colour and they need to find something of a matching colour for each cup.

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