7 sensational tennis ball tips

If you've got some tennis balls lying around the house, here are 6 unusual but useful ways to use them (and you won't need a tennis racquet!).

February 25, 2021
  1. Rub a tennis ball over scuff marks on your hard floors. The marks will disappear like magic.
  1. A tennis ball makes a great massager for tired feet. Simply roll your foot back and forth over the ball.  
  1. Throw two or three tennis balls into your tumble dryer with your towels. They will dry faster and be super soft and fluffy.  
  1. Turn your hammer into a rubber mallet by popping a tennis ball on the end. Just cut an x-shaped slit to fit.
  1. Cover the tow ball on your car with a tennis ball so it won’t hurt so much if you walk into it.
  1. If you have curves to sand, just wrap sandpaper around a tennis ball and you’re good to go.  

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