Common house spiders and how to avoid them

Spiders are a valuable part of our ecosystem, helping to manage insect populations, but we don’t necessarily want them in our homes! Here are some common culprits and how to avoid these eight-legged squatters!

November 27, 2023

A few spider varieties commonly seen around homes in our state include: redback spiders, black house spiders, white tailed spiders, daddy long legs and huntsman. 

  • First up, spiders love dark, cosy corners, so when cleaning and dusting don't forget those hidden nooks and crannies (including behind furniture). 

  • You don’t want spiders sneaking in through tiny cracks like tiny secret agents so patch up any wall gaps, seal under the doors, and fix those window cracks. 

  • Fix any torn or damaged fly screens.  

  • Look out for any sneaky spider webs and vacuum them away. 

  • Spiders love a good feast on insects, so turn off unnecessary insect-attracting lights at night. This goes double for outdoor lighting – if it's not needed, keep it dark.

  • And before you bring the outside in, give your shoes, clothes, and toys a good shake just in case any sneaky spiders are hitching a ride inside!

And if you do find yourself with unwelcome spidery guests – give your local pest control expert a call. 

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