Avoid the horror of a blocked toilet

Flushing your toilet, only to find the water rising back towards you is something you do not want to see! So, to reduce the risk of a blocked toilet there are certain things you should never flush.

July 16, 2020

Baby/face wipes

Unlike toilet paper, baby/face wipes are not made to break down when wet, so they don't disintegrate and can cause a blockage. Even ‘flushable’ wipes don't break down so avoid flushing any type of wipe.

Cotton wool balls and pads

Just like wipes, these don't break down and can swell, causing a blockage.

Sanitary products

These will expand if you flush them and are a sure-fire way to block your toilet.

Kitchen paper and napkins

You might think that kitchen paper is just like toilet paper, but it’s used to absorb spills in your kitchen and soak up water. They become heavy and difficult for your system to remove.


Don’t flush leftover food down the toilet as it won't break down quickly enough.

Fats and oils

Yes, some people actually flush fats and oils down the toilet. As soon as fats hit the cold water, they solidify and can cause a fat blockage.

If you do experience a blocked toilet, don’t keep flushing to try and clear it. It may overflow and you’ll have the contents all over your toilet floor. Call your local plumber to come and sort it out quickly.