Grey garage door

Be a good neighbour and fix your noisy garage door

A noisy garage door is very annoying for both you and your neighbours. It also means you've got a problem!

July 23, 2020
Grey garage door

The most likely culprits of a noisy garage door are:


Worn out garage door hinges could be bent, broken or rusty and may need to be replaced.

Garage door rollers  

Your garage door rollers are wheels that run along metal tracks on the sides of your garage door and can make a lot of noise if not lubricated properly.

Nuts and bolts

When nuts and bolts become loose, your garage door will make a vibrating or rattling noise when you open and close it.


If you suspect the springs are causing the noise, never attempt DIY repairs. These parts are under immense pressure and should be dealt with by a professional.

The rubber insulation strip  

If the insulation strip on the bottom of the garage door is worn, then it will cause the garage door to hit the ground loudly. This should be replaced with a new one.

Whatever the cause of the noise, your local garage door professional will diagnose and solve the issue, and a regular garage door service can prevent this from happening again.

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