Perfect poolside plants

For a relaxing pool area it's important to choose the right trees, shrubs, and plants. You don't want to be constantly scooping leaves out of your pool or watch your precious plants wither and die because they don’t like chlorine or salt!

November 16, 2023

Cacti and succulents

Cacti and succulents like agave, yucca, and echeveria are perfect for your poolside. They require minimal care, look great year-round, and make very little mess.

Golden Cane Palm

Perfect for potted plants, it adds a tropical vibe without shedding leaves and no invasive roots

Mondo Grass

Low-lying and low maintenance, it works well in both sunlight and shade.

Kangaroo Paw

Slender and elegant, it produces eye-catching, colourful flowers and thrives in bright sunlight.


A hardy plant that requires little attention and can survive in various conditions.

Bay Tree

Dense and evergreen, perfect for hedges.

Viburnum Species

Versatile shrubs that produce fragrant flowers.

Japanese Box

Great for hedges and topiary.

Lilly Pilly

This evergreen shrub features lush foliage, colourful new growth, and non-invasive roots, making it a perfect choice for poolside landscaping.


These hardy plants produce striking globes of blue or white flowers, require minimal maintenance, and can withstand the harsh Perth sun.


This native shrub offers a low-maintenance choice with its compact growth, drought tolerance, and minimal shedding.


  • Check your pool type (saltwater or chlorinated) for plant compatibility.

  • Think about the heat near fences or walls and choose hardy plants or provide extra care.

  • Start with larger shrubs and trees for shade.

  • Avoid plants with fine foliage, flowers, seeds, pods, bark, and twigs to reduce maintenance.

  • Check soil pH for limestone retaining walls.

  • Choose plants with large leaves that don't readily shed to keep your pool area clean and hassle-free.

Always consider the specific conditions of your yard and pool area before planting and ensure to plant trees at a safe distance from the pool to avoid any future issues with roots.

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