Bring your old precious jewellery back to life

Rather than having old or inherited jewellery sitting in a drawer gathering dust, bring it back to life and have it remodelled into something you will love to wear.

March 31, 2022

Like any fashion, tastes and trends in jewellery change over the years. If you have got a pre-loved piece of jewellery sitting in a box, you can have it redesigned into a new piece that you will be happy to wear every day. Maybe it’s a family heirloom that is not quite to your taste, an antique ring which doesn’t quite fit or something that’s broken but you haven’t got around to having repaired (but always meant to!).  

A simple alteration or re-design around the original stones or metal will retain any sentimental value your jewellery might have, while creating a piece that suits your style.  

There are endless options from pendants to bracelets, earrings and more – all it takes is some imagination! The best thing to do is think about your own personal style and how you would like to wear your much-loved jewellery. Even odd earrings or broken chains can be recycled to create something brand new.  

Contact your local jewellery expert and discuss what you would like to do and leave your precious memories in safe hands. With a unique, remodelled piece, you will also be sure that you will never bump into anyone wearing the same jewellery as you!

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