Bubble wrap - not just for popping!

If you've been doing a bit of online shopping lately, you may find you have excess bubble wrap from your packages. Here are 6 ways to reuse it (once you’ve popped a few bubbles of course!).

August 13, 2020
  1. Line your crisper drawer to protect produce from bumps and bruises (and it will also keep your drawer clean)
  2. Fold it into a rectangle and use it as a kneeling pad when doing gardening or other jobs
  3. Use it for kids’ craft sessions as a stamp for paint or pressing shapes into playdough
  4. If you stack your pans for storage, place a piece of bubble wrap in between to prevent scratching
  5. Wrap some around the handles of your gardening tools for some additional cushioning to prevent blisters.
  6. Use it to stuff your shoes and handbags to keep their shape

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