How to recycle power cables and connectors

We’ve all got one. That drawer or box with a mishmash of cables and connectors that you’re hanging onto ‘just in case’. The items they belonged to are probably long gone, so here’s how you can get them out of your house without sending them to landfill.

June 2, 2022

E-waste recycling

Cables and connectors are considered e-waste. E-waste is anything in your home office with a cord or a plug, or their related accessories that is broken or no longer needed. So, you can use the same recycling options as those that take old and broken items such as computers and mobile phones

When cables and connectors are recycled, (we’ll skip the technical jargon) the plastics are separated from any metals, and both are reused to make other useful products.

Give them a second life

Before throwing them away, give some of these options a try – and your old cables may find another home.

  • Ask family and friends if there is anything they can use rather than going out and buying something new.
  • If you belong to a Facebook Buy Nothing group – offer them to your local community. You may have the perfect solution (and stop a home office appliance going to landfill because the owners have lost the cable). Win-win!   

Find your nearest recycling drop off:

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