Reduce Reuse Recycle

Every little bit helps!

If you think your recycling efforts aren’t having much of an impact, have we got news for you! Here are a few facts about how small efforts can make a big difference.

April 12, 2024

When you throw that plastic bottle or aluminium can into the recycling bin, it does make a significant difference.

  • By recycling one plastic bottle, you are saving enough energy to power a computer for 25 minutes.

  • Recycling aluminium uses only five percent of the energy it takes to make a new aluminium product.

  • The electricity saved from recycling just one aluminium can is enough energy to power a TV for three hours.

  • Three-quarters of clothing is thrown out within a year of buying, but by reducing the amount of 'fast fashion' you buy, you are saving water. It takes 2700 litres of water to produce one item of clothing - that's more than enough drinking water for one person for three years.

  • When you compost food waste, you avoid sending it to landfill. When in landfill, it decomposes without oxygen and produces methane, which is 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

  • By drinking tap water rather than bottled water, you are avoiding plastic and saving even more water! It takes up to 4 litres of water to produce one litre of bottled water.

  • Australia is one of the world leaders in paper and cardboard recycling! Collectively recycling one tonne of paper means we are saving 13 trees, 2.5 barrels of oil, 4 square metres of landfill and 31,780 litres of water. Well done us!

8 easy ways to reduce your waste

  1. Make a meal plan and stick to it - buy only what you need when you go shopping. You'll reduce your food waste and save money. Bonus!

  2. Avoid soft plastics when shopping.

  3. Keep your reusable shopping bags in your car so you don't forget them. Plastic supermarket bags may have disappeared, but if you can, avoid buying even more made of paper.

  4. Buy bars of soap rather than liquid soap in plastic bottles. You can also buy shampoo in bars which will avoid even more plastic waste.

  5. Buy loose fruit and vegetables rather than the pre-packaged variety - and take your own reusable produce bags.

  6. Buy some rechargeable batteries rather than single use.

  7. Opt for recycled paper products and remember your reusable cup for your takeaway coffee.

  8. Easy ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

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