Don't bin it - reuse it!

By choosing to reuse/repurpose, we can reduce waste and discover the joy and satisfaction that comes from giving the old a new lease on life. So, grab that bag of shredded paper you thought was destined for the bin, and let’s look at different ways to reuse stuff!

April 4, 2024

Shredded paper

Let’s start with that shredded paper – it can’t be recycled so here are 9 nifty uses for it instead.

Glass jars

Glass jars are the ultimate reusables. From storing kitchen staples to holding bouquets or spare change, these jars can do it all. The possibilities are endless, and they're a simple way to cut down on waste. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Empty egg cartons

While these are recyclable, there are lots of ways to wring a little more use out of them first!


Dentists recommend that you change your toothbrush every three months – that’s a lot of used toothbrushes going into the bin. Before you toss it out, think of all the cleaning tasks it could help with. They're perfect for tackling stains and getting into tight spaces.

Glasses cases

Every time you get a new pair of glasses – it comes with a case, so here are things you can do with them once the specs are long gone:

  • Use one as a mobile manicure case with nail file, scissors and nail polish.

  • Store your ear buds and phone charging cable

  • Create an emergency repair kit with things such as a needle and cotton, and safety pins.

  • Store keys so they don’t get lost.

  • Use one to store jewellery when travelling.

The options are endless!

Plastic bottles

These are obviously recyclable, but why not put them to more use before hitting the recycling bin.

  • Cut the plastic bottle in half and use the top half to cover seedlings in your garden and protect them from pests.

  • Drill some holes in the lid, fill the bottle with water and place upside down in your garden beds or plant pots – it’s your very own drip watering system for hot summer days.

  • Make your own ‘bowling alley’ at home

Bubble wrap

Lots of online parcels contain bubble wrap. Now that the REDcycle program has paused here are some clever ways to reuse it so it doesn’t go to waste.

Silica gel sachets

Another online parcel extra is the silica gel sachets that are added to prevent excess moisture. Try some of these ideas for reuse rather than binning them straight away.

Rubber bands

Hang onto those little rubber bands that hold veggies, herbs and flowers together – there are lots of things you can do to put them to good use.

Pool noodles

Pool noodles looking a bit tatty? Don’t throw them away just yet – there are endless opportunities for reuse!

And even your eggshells, coffee grounds and tea leaves can get a second life!

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