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10 clever uses for pool noodles (no pool required!)

Pool noodles are great fun for splashing around on a sunny day. But you don't need a pool to get some great use out of a pool noodle!

November 9, 2023

10 clever uses for pool noodles (no pool required!)

No more creases!

Cut a slit in a short length of pool noodle and place it over the bar of a coat hanger. This will prevent creases forming in trousers draped over the hanger. How to look after your clothes

Keep boots upright

A section of pool noodle placed inside tall boots will keep them upright and wrinkle-free. Brilliant ways to organise your shoes

Fill your mop bucket without spills

To easily fill your mop bucket, place it on the floor and use the pool noodle to funnel water into it from the kitchen tap.

Trampoline safety

Cut slits into short pieces of pool noodle to fit over your trampoline springs.

No slamming doors

To prevent doors from slamming, place a section of pool noodle around the edge of the door.

Ladder padding

Cover the steps of metal ladders to prevent your knees and shins from bruises (ouch!).

No garage car dings

Slit a pool noodle in half lengthways and attach it to your garage wall to prevent your car door from getting dented.

Artists paintbrush holder

Cut a short section from your pool noodle and cut that in half, so it sits on your table. Next, cut small slits in the noodle and insert your paint paintbrushes for easy reach!

Nook and crannie cleaning

Add a section of pool noodle to the end of your vacuum cleaner hose to clean those hard-to-reach places around your home.

Plant drainage

If you have an old pool noodle, chop it into smaller pieces and add to the bottom of plantpots for extra drainage. This will also make heavier plantpots easier to move as they won't contain as much heavy soil.
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