Shoes inside an organised wardrobe

The perfect way to organise your shoes

There's no such thing as too many shoes! But the way you organise them could determine how good they look and how long they last.

August 27, 2020
Shoes inside an organised wardrobe

First, get your shoes off your wardrobe floor!

Throwing them in the bottom of your wardrobe makes it harder to find what you want and can damage your shoes as they are constantly moved around.

Next, sort your shoes into categories

Make two groups - the shoes you wear all the time (for example, to work) and the shoes you wear less frequently (such as for a special night out).

Your 'often' shoes

Group them into similar styles. Such as sports shoes, casual shoes, work shoes and boots. You could keep shoes on shoe rack for easy access. Boots should be stored upright with something to keep them straight such as a rolled-up newspaper or a section of a pool noodle.

Your 'special occasion' shoes

These don't have to be as accessible as they are worn less often. You could keep them in their original boxes and label them or take a photo of the shoes and attach it to the outside of the box. The boxes can be stacked for easier storage.

You could also have custom-made shoe storage for your wardrobe. This will make sure your shoes are store correctly so that they will last longer.

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