Avoid an overflowing wardrobe and save space

Is your wardrobe bursting at the seams, yet you feel like you have nothing to wear? The solution isn’t to buy more clothes, it’s to get rid of those that are taking up precious space. Here are some helpful tips to get your started.

May 5, 2022

First, take everything out of your wardrobe. You’ll probably be amazed just how much stuff you have (and discover an old favourite that you’d forgotten about lurking at the back!). Remove hangers, baskets, containers, and anything else that might be on the floor or shelves.

While it’s empty, give it a good clean.

Clear a space on your bed or floor for four piles

  • Keep
  • Donate
  • Sell
  • Throw

If getting rid of clothes makes you feel anxious, think of it as keeping those things you love rather than getting rid of those you don’t.

Look at each item of clothing and decide which pile to put it on.

Keep: Hold onto anything you love and wear often. If you are keeping something because you spent a lot of money on it (but have never worn it) let it go! And only keep clothes that fit you well now!

Donate: These items should be in good shape. When adding something to this pile, ask yourself if you would give it to a friend. If you would, it’s good to donate.  

Sell: To sell your clothes and accessories, they must be in very good condition. Most consignment stores prefer them to be name brands, so that designer dress you bought for half price but have never worn, can go to someone else – and you’ll get a bit of your money back.

Throw: Discard anything permanently stained, beyond repair or ripped.  

There are lots of benefits to organising your wardrobe and having a bit of a clear out:  

  • You will find the items you are looking for faster.
  • You can see what you have save loads of time in a morning deciding what to wear.
  • You'll know everything fits.  
  • You can see exactly what you have and stop over-shopping!
  • You can start the day in a more positive way.

When you’ve finished – have a ‘one in one out’ policy to keep it all under control!