Do you need a headlight restoration?

You wouldn’t try and drive with a foggy and dirty windscreen but having clear and clean headlights is just as important.

January 21, 2021

Headlights are the most essential part of a vehicle when it comes to safe driving in the dark or harsh weather conditions. Unfortunately, the casing can become cloudy or appear yellow, reducing the effectiveness of the headlight bulbs, making your car less safe.

Here’s why

  • Headlight casings are coated in a clear layer to help prevent the acrylic from oxidising. Over time the coating wears off and UV light oxidises the casing, turning it yellow.
  • This coating is prone to scrapes and scratches from debris on the road, damaging it and giving it a cloudy appearance.
  • A thin layer of dirt and pollution from years of driving can penetrate the headlight casing, causing beams to dim.

Cloudy headlight casings cannot be cleaned with soap and water; the best solution is to leave it to the professionals.

Benefits of professional headlight restoration include

  • Improved visibility – it helps to remove dirt & scratches & restores hazy casings.
  • Improved appearance – headlight restoration enhances the appearance of your car.
  • Cheaper than replacement – replacing the headlight casings can be expensive. This is a cost-effective solution.
  • Your car maintains its functionality and safety.