Do your trees need to see a doctor?

Mature garden trees can add shade, contribute towards a calm and relaxing environment and add value to your home – but only if they’re healthy. Here are 4 signs that they might need some professional attention.

January 20, 2022

Often, you don’t realise there is something wrong with your garden tree until it’s too late – and then it may have to be removed.

Here are 4 signs to watch out for to protect your investment

  1. Bare branches - a tree without leaves in the spring or summer months is a sign that something may be wrong
  2. Loosely hanging or obviously brittle branches
  3. Small mushrooms or fungi sprouting on the trunk
  4. Cracks, hollows or bulges in the trunk

Trees usually decay from the inside out, so it can be difficult to tell is something is wrong unless you know the subtle signs. A regular, professional inspection of mature trees on your property means that any problems will be spotted early, and the tree has more chance of being saved.