Find your perfect (antenna) match!

The most common cause of poor TV reception is your antenna. Here’s how to make sure yours is right for you.

September 15, 2022

A high-quality antenna properly installed should get you all free-to-air TV channels without any interference.  

A good TV antenna:  

  • Receives the signal  
  • Does not need a signal booster
  • Reduces the reception of other unwanted signals
  • Is strong enough to cope with bad weather and large birds

Your antenna should be installed

  • Outdoors
  • Up to 5 metres high for urban & suburban areas
  • Up to 10 metres high for areas with marginal coverage
  • Pointing towards the TV tower so it provides the best coverage for your area
  • Installed horizontally or vertically to match TV signals in your area

Always call a local antenna specialist to make sure you get an antenna that is the best for your home and your area.  Never climb on your roof. It’s simply not worth the risk.  

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