Granny flats - not just for grannies!

If your house is bursting at the seams, but no one is leaving home any time soon, consider a granny flat to make the most of the land you already own.

May 21, 2024

Building a 'granny flat' is a bit like building an extension to your home but better, as it's separate and can be used for many different things.

Teenage escape

A granny flat can be a great way to give your teenage kids the space they (and you) need, while still being able to keep an eye on things.

Adult children

The average age a 'child' leaves home these days is 24! Rentals are expensive and difficult to find, and with the median house price at $635,000, it's no surprise they're not in a hurry to move out. By building a granny flat, you can all have some extra space, independence, and privacy.

Elderly relatives

If you have elderly relatives who are still independent, but don't want to live alone, a granny flat is the perfect solution. Everyone can get the privacy they want, and you are there to help if needed.

Home office

A granny flat offers a quiet and spacious office for you to focus on your job, but without the distractions inside your home.

A creative studio

If you've always had a creative side but nowhere to express it, the extra space provided will give you the peace and quiet to create your masterpiece, and the space to store everything you need.

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