Hate doing the laundry? Then don’t!

According to research, most Australians will spend over 384 days over their lifetime doing the laundry. That is an awful lot of time you could be spending doing something else. Here’s how your local laundromat can help.

July 1, 2021

Laundromats do more than just provide self-service washing machines these days, such as a wash, dry and fold service.  

The wonderful benefits of using a laundry service

From sorting your laundry into colours, fabrics, warm, cold and hot washes, it can take up a huge part of you day. That’s not to mention the drying, folding and putting away.  

But, by using the wash, dry and fold services at your local laundromat, you can get back some of these lost hours. You simply drop off your laundry, they will wash it, dry it and fold it for you, ready to be collected at a convenient time.    

  • You can save over a year of your life not having to do your own laundry!  
  • They will sort your items properly into colours, whites and different fabrics which require different washing techniques.
  • Professional results – no blue sock mistakenly put in with a load of whites!
  • With the large washing machines, they’ll have your laundry done in no time.
  • Because your clothes are being washed professionally, they are more likely to last longer.
  • They know how to remove tough stains without harming your clothes.