6 simple ways to improve the Wi-Fi connection in your home

A poor Wi-Fi signal in your home may be a first-world problem, but it’s still an irritating problem, nonetheless. Rather than throwing your router out of the window in frustration, try some of these simple tips which may improve your connection.

November 25, 2021
  1. Wireless routers need open spaces, away from walls and obstructions. Where you place your router can have a huge effect on wireless coverage. You might want to hide the router and accompanying wires in a cupboard in on a bookshelf, but that could be your problem. If possible, place it in an uncluttered position in the middle of the house.  
  1. Make sure you have the most up-to-date version of the manufacturer’s software. Software is constantly being updated, and if you’re a bit behind, it can make a difference. 
  1. Have you tried turning it on and off again? This may be the joke answer to every IT problem – but it is based in truth! A simple reboot is often enough to improve your Wi-Fi speeds as it clears the router’s memory and allows updates to install. Leave it off for a few minutes before rebooting.
  1. If your router has external antennas, position them vertically. It can also help to put the router higher up to get a better signal.  
  1. Check that there aren’t any unwanted guests accessing your Wi-Fi. If your network is open or has a weak password, it will be easy to access by those close by.  
  1. Check your internet plan. You may need to update it as your needs change (that is your children turn into teenagers and spend all day playing on the PlayStation, using up all your data!)