How to make moving house less stressful

Moving house is considered one of the most stressful things you can do. Here are some helpful tips to keep the stress levels down.

June 7, 2024
  1. Start decluttering as soon as you have decided you are going to move. This way you can take your time and do it room by room and avoid transporting things you no longer want or need (and don't go on a shopping spree for your new place until you are all moved in!)

  2. Avoid last minute packing - start a couple of weeks before you are due to move.

  3. Ask a friend or relative to look after children and pets on moving day.

  4. Create an inventory to help you keep track of your belongings and to make sure nothing gets lost.

  5. Take a photo of the back of any entertainment equipment before you dismantle it, so you know where all the cables go.

  6. Defrost your freezer a couple of days before you are due to move to avoid puddles of water!

  7. Pack an essentials box for the day you move and fill it with items you will need straight away such as phone chargers, toothbrushes, and toilet roll!

  8. Don't water your pot plants the day before moving. They are much heavier when they are full of water.

  9. Avoid using huge boxes. Use smaller, similar sized boxes where you can. It makes stacking and lifting easier.

  10. Keep jewellery, passports and other valuable documents in a special box and place in your car.

  11. Plan ahead and have your utilities connected for moving day.

  12. If you are using a removalist business, make sure they have great reviews and ask about insurance.

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