How to make your oven more energy efficient

One of the ways you can save energy in your kitchen is by making sure your oven is as energy efficient as it can be. This will cut your gas and electric bills as well as help you do your bit for the environment.

June 24, 2021
  • Don’t pre-heat for too long. Put your food in to cook as soon as your oven reaches the right temperature. Set a timer to remind yourself if you are a bit forgetful!
  • When your oven is on, try to utilise the space inside by cooking as much food as you can at once. This way, it can be on for a shorter period of time.  
  • Always keep the oven door closed. Each time the oven door is opened, the heat will escape, and extra cooking energy is required to get back to the required temperature.
  • Use the fan assist option which allows you to set the oven at a lower temperature.
  • Always de-frost food in the fridge or microwave before putting it in the oven, this means that less heat and energy will be needed to cook it.
  • Wipe up any mess or spills straight away as a dirty oven can affect its efficiency.
  • Have a deep clean by a professional once a year. Detailing is all about cleaning the parts you can see and those you cannot such as in between the door glass and behind the elements. This will bring your oven back to ‘as new’ and make sure it is working properly. Your local oven detailer can also tell you if there is any damage to your oven or if any parts need replacing such as light globes or door seals (which can also affect its efficiency).