Turn your home into a work of art with mosaic tiles!

Mosaic tiles can add colour, pattern, and texture and there is something for every area of your home.

March 31, 2022

Mosaic tiles come in interesting shapes and colours and are perfect for:

  • A statement splashback or feature. They add interest to otherwise dull spaces.
  • Walls - they make a great contrast to large format floor tiles.
  • Creating texture – you can blend matte and gloss finish mosaic tiles to create texture or add drama to your bathroom.
  • Creating patterns on walls such as splashbacks in the kitchen or around the vanity in the bathroom.
  • Different locations around your home, to tie the style of your home together.  
  • Making a room feel much lighter as the light reflects from them.
  • Creating a splashback that is beautiful and stylish, rather than just boring and practical!  
  • A decorative feature within a frame on any wall or you can use them to border a mirror or window.
  • Adding more life to your patio and outdoor areas with some mosaic ‘art’ on the walls or floor.