4 good reasons to hire a professional to paint your ceilings

Painting ceilings can be a pain in the neck (literally!). So why not save yourself the time and physio bills by getting a professional to do it for you. Here are 4 good reasons why this is a great idea.

June 10, 2021


Chances are you don’t have all the equipment required to paint your ceiling. This will mean a trip (or three) to the hardware store and ever-increasing costs. Professional painters have all kinds of painting equipment and know how to use it. They also have high-quality drop cloths to protect your home.  


While you would have to paint on the weekends or take precious holidays from work, for a professional painter it’s their day job. Imagine, no prep work, no equipment cluttering up your home and no clean up.  


Painting with your feet firmly on the ground is hard enough, without having to do it up a ladder to reach the ceilings. Professional painters have all the equipment to make sure they can access difficult areas safely. This can be dangerous work if you don’t have experience.  

Prep work

Have you considered the amount of prep work involved for a high-quality paint job? This includes:  

  • Scraping off old, flaking paint
  • Filling any cracks
  • Sanding to make sure everything is perfectly smooth
  • Washing to make sure your ceiling is free of dirt and dust
  • Masking off the ceiling so it can be painted without any mess.  

There’s another weekend gone!  

And by hiring a professional, you won’t be forever haunted by the missed spots that you always meant to touch up later!