Choosing the perfect paint colour for your home

With all the weird and wonderful paint colours available these days, it can be a bit confusing trying to decide which will be the best for your home. Here are a few hints and tips to help you decide.

June 21, 2023

At the risk of sounding like a trendy interiors magazine, think about the mood you are trying to create throughout your home. Do you want it to be calm and relaxing? Vibrant and energetic? Or a bit of both? Also, think about the style of your home. Is it traditional, modern or a bit eclectic? This will help to guide you through the mountain of colour choices. 

Lighting can play a crucial role in how colours appear. Take note of the direction and intensity of light in each room at different times of the day. And remember that natural light versus artificial light can make colours look different.  

Do a bit of research about basic colour theory to understand how different colours work together. Start by checking out the colour wheel: 

  • Complementary colours are opposite each other (such as blue and orange, red and green or purple and yellow). Used together, these colours appear brighter and can create a vibrant contrast. 
  • Colours that are next to each other on the wheel can provide a harmonious blend. 

Keep in mind that colours can also change how the size of a room appears: 

  • Lighter colours tend to make a space feel more expansive. 
  • Darker shades can create a cozy and intimate atmosphere.  

And think about what each room will be used for, for example:  

  • Calming blues or greens work well in bedrooms. 
  • Vibrant yellows or oranges can be suitable for a home office. 

If you’re unsure about where to start, select a neutral palette as a foundation. Neutral tones such as whites, greys, beiges, and taupes can create a versatile backdrop for various design styles. You can always add pops of colour through accessories, furniture, or accent walls. 

Remember, these are just suggestions and choosing the perfect paint colour for your home is a personal decision. Trust your instincts and select colours that you genuinely love and that reflect your personal style and taste.  

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