young girl with hand picked strawberries

Pick your own delicious strawberries

Strawberry season is the perfect chance to give the farmers a hand and take home a tray or two of delicious, mouth-watering strawberries.

September 10, 2020
young girl with hand picked strawberries

You’ll be picking fruit that is perfectly ripe and ready to eat and it makes for a great family activity. It gives you the chance to get outdoors, have fun and show your kids where their food actually comes from. You’re getting the very best fruit at a great price and some farms even let you eat as many strawberries as you like while picking!

Tips for picking

Make sure you stay sun smart while picking your strawberries. Wear a long-sleeved shirt, a hat and plenty of sunscreen. Closed shoes are also a good idea as you’ll be walking around a farm environment.

Local strawberry farms

Here are 4 strawberry farms to get you started but you’ll be able to find more online. Please check that they are open before you go and note that some farms only take cash.

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