Is your computer more tortoise than hare?

There’s nothing more annoying than watching the wheel on your computer screen go round and round (and round!) while waiting for something to load. Even the very best computers can start to slow down and here are five common culprits.

July 8, 2021

A bit of a clean-up and declutter will make sure that your computer is running at the best possible speed.  

Here are 5  reasons why it might be moving at a snail's pace:

Not enough storage space  

  • As you add more and more files to your PC, your hard drive space will fill up. This can have an impact on your computer's performance. Try deleting files and programs you don't need any more.    

A virus      

  • Viruses can sneak into your system in many ways and it can affect your computer's performance (as well as stealing your personal information). Run anti-virus software on a regular basis.  

Your internet speed      

  • The culprit could well be your internet connection, not your computer. Run a broadband speed checker to see what sort of download speeds you're getting.  

Outdated software      

  • If you haven't installed available updates this could be slowing you down.

Too many programs running      

  • If you try to run several programs at once, your computer might struggle to keep up. Check which programs are running when you start your computer and remove the non-essential ones.

If you don't feel confident trying to solve your computer issues yourself, contact your local computer expert to tune your PC and give it a good clean-up.