How to clean your roller blinds

They protect us from the sun, keep our rooms dark so we can sleep and stop prying eyes from peering into our homes – but when was the last time you cleaned your roller blinds?

February 10, 2022

Let’s face it, we do take blinds for granted, but have you had a good look at them recently? Roller blinds are basically a long, flat surface which is perfect for dust, dirt and even mould to take hold. This impacts the way they look and how long the blinds will last.  

Cleaning fabric or vinyl roller blinds:

  1. Roll out your blinds completely. Using the upholstery attachment on your vacuum cleaner (usually a smaller brush) vacuum your blinds on both sides. If you don’t have a vacuum attachment, you can put a clean sock over the nozzle of your vacuum cleaner, and it will have a similar effect. Vacuum the blind from top to bottom or from side to side.
  1. Next, fill a bowl with warm water and add a squirt of mild detergent. Use a clean cloth and soak it in the water/detergent solution and wring it out. Start to wipe your blinds. Ensure there should be no excess water on the blinds.  
  1. Leave your blinds to air dry and make sure they are completely dry before your roll them back up. If there is any moisture it can get trapped and cause mould.

To make cleaning roller blinds easier, it’s important to clean them on a regular basis. If you haven’t cleaned your blinds for a long time (or ever!), it’s a good idea to call in the professionals for a deep clean.