Save money with a bit of savvy gift shopping

Whether it’s a birthday, a special time of year, or one of those wonderful ‘just-because’ surprises, the cost of buying presents can quickly add up. Here's how you can stay well within your budget.

June 1, 2024

Plan ahead

Last-minute shopping is a sure way to spend more than you planned. Instead, keep an eye out for gifts throughout the year. When you spot a sale or a perfect item, grab it and store it away for future occasions. This way, you'll always have a stash of gifts ready to go, and you'll avoid the stress (and expense) of rushed shopping.

Make a list and check it twice!

Create a gift list for everyone you plan to buy for throughout the year. Note their interests and any special occasions. This list will help you stay organised and take advantage of any sales that pop up during the year (and it will avoid you buying something twice!).

Shop sales

Keep an eye on seasonal sales, clearance events, and special promotions. End of Financial Year sales, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and end-of-season clearances are prime times to score great deals.

DIY gifts

Handmade gifts can be both thoughtful and budget friendly. Whether you're crafty or good in the kitchen, there are plenty of DIY options that can save you money and add a personal touch.Succulent bowls, baked goods, or personalised photo albums can make meaningful gifts without breaking the bank. The options are endless!

Low cost edible gift ideas

Make your own bath bombs

Last minute plant gift ideas

Make a teacup garden

Buy in bulk

For items that are universally appreciated, like candles, gourmet foods, or bath products, consider buying in bulk. Many stores offer discounts (such as 2 for the price of 1 etc.), and you can divide these items into individual gifts. This approach is particularly handy for creating gift baskets or stocking stuffers.

Use loyalty programs and rewards

Many retailers offer loyalty programs that can earn you points, discounts, or even free gifts. Make the most of these programs by signing up and using your rewards wisely. Some credit cards also offer points or cashback on purchases, which can be used to offset future gift-buying expenses.

Gently used gifts

Charity shops, and online marketplaces like eBay or Facebook Marketplace can be treasure troves for unique and affordable gifts. From vintage finds to gently used items, you can often find high-quality gifts at a fraction of the price.

Gifts of time

Gifts don't always have to be something physical. Consider giving experiences, such as a home-cooked meal, a day out, or a DIY gift coupon for a service like babysitting, gardening or car washing.

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