How to keep your bathroom clean, for longer

For a room that keeps us clean, it can quickly become a bit of a mess! Here are some simple things you can do to keep your bathroom looking spick and span and save time on cleaning.

April 7, 2022
  1. Wipe down the sink each time after brushing your teeth (and mirror if you have small people at home who like to spray their toothpaste all over it).  
  1. Declutter your counter tops and put things away in a cupboard or drawer. There’s nothing worse than clutter to make your bathroom look messy and unloved.
  1. Rinse your bath, shower and shower screen after use and wipe or squeegee dry. This will reduce dirt build-up and make your regular clean much faster.  
  1. If you use a shower curtain, wash them regularly. Have two and rotate them – one hanging and one in the wash. The same goes for bathmats.
  1. Keep cleaning products handy in the bathroom for a quick and easy wipe down.  
  1. Make your mirror mist-proof. Wipe a layer of shaving cream or toothpaste over the mirror and wipe clean. This prevents water condensation from sticking to the glass.
  1. Use liquid soap so your bar of soap doesn’t turn to mush and get stuck all over your taps and sink.
  1. Always hang up your towel after use (or put it in the laundry container to be washed). If you leave towels on the floor in a pile, they will smell musty and won’t dry properly.
  1. Even if your bathroom is super clean, if it has discarded clothes on the floor, it just looks messy. A great way to do this is to keep a laundry basket in your bathroom.  
  1. As soon as you enter the bathroom, turn on the fan. There’s nothing worse than mould and mildew growing in your bathroom – and once it’s taken hold, it’s difficult to get rid of.
  1. Open a window – fresh air always makes a space feel airy and clean.
  1. When you’re vacuuming other areas of the house, quickly go through the bathroom with the vacuum cleaner. A tiled floor tends to collect dust and hair and has nowhere to hide!  

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