5 reasons why you should seal your outdoor paving

Having your outdoor pavers sealed makes them look great and much easier to keep clean, but there are lots of other benefits. What are they? Read on!

December 2, 2021

Extended lifespan

When dirt, grime and pool water get into your unsealed tiles, it can cause permanent staining. This is because pavers are largely porous and will suck everything up like a sponge. On the plus side, the paver will also suck up the sealant, meaning nothing else can get in there. The result? Less damage from dirt and grime, meaning they will last longer!

Efflorescence prevention

Efflorescence happens when salt rises through porous materials (such as pavers) and forms a coating on the surface. It comes up through the paver with rising water, and when the water evaporates, the salt gets left behind, leaving a stain. This can affect small or large areas and can permanently affect the appearance of your paving.  

Pest deterrent

Sealing your paving can also prevent ants and other pests from coming up through the ground and paving.  


Sealing your pavers is like applying a long-lasting sunscreen. It will protect them from the harsh sun and the deterioration that comes with it.

Easy cleaning

Although your pavers are sealed, you’re not completely off the hook with cleaning. You should still sweep your outdoor areas and give your patio a quick wash with soap and water to prevent dirt build up and keep them looking pristine.

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