From average to awesome. Smartphone photography tips

Now that we've all got a camera in our pockets or bags most of the time, here are some tips to get the most out of your smartphone photography.

May 31, 2024

Back to basics!

It’s the simplest tip but often overlooked. A quick wipe of your camera lens with a soft cloth can make a world of difference. Smudges are not your friends!

Use natural light

Whenever possible, take advantage of natural light. Early morning and late afternoon are perfect for that golden hour glow.

Avoid zoom

If possible, get closer to your subject instead of zooming in. Zoom can make your photos look a bit grainy.

Grid lines

Turn on the grid lines in your camera settings and place your subject off-centre for a more interesting shot.

Experiment with angles

Don’t just shoot from eye level. Try different perspectives—kneel, climb, or tilt your phone to see what works best.

Steady your shot

Use both hands or prop your phone against a stable surface to avoid blurry photos.


Use editing apps to tweak brightness, contrast, and colours.

Capture movement

Use burst mode for action shots. This way, you won't miss the perfect moment.

Candid moments

Natural, unposed shots often tell the best stories. Keep your camera ready to capture those spontaneous moments

Play with reflections

Water, mirrors, and glass can create cool, reflective effects.

Portrait mode magic

Use portrait mode to get that beautiful background blur for your subjects.

Keep it simple

Sometimes less is more. Focus on a single subject to avoid a cluttered photo.

Golden hour glow

The hour after sunrise and before sunset gives you the most flattering light for photos.

Background check

Make sure your background isn’t distracting. A plain or simple background often works best.

Panorama fun

Use panorama mode for stunning wide-angle shots of landscapes or cityscapes.

Silhouette shots

Position your subject against a bright background and turn off the flash to create dramatic silhouettes.

Night mode

If your phone has a night mode, use it for low-light scenes. It can significantly improve your nighttime photography.

Play with filters

Filters can add a fun twist to your photos. Just don’t overdo it - sometimes a subtle effect is all you need.

Stay steady with a tripod

A small, portable tripod can help keep your phone steady, especially for long exposures or time-lapse videos.

Have fun!

The best tip of all. The best way to get better is to keep shooting. Try different techniques and have fun experimenting! Your unique perspective is what makes your photos special.

How to organise the photos on your phone

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