Keep it clean!

We’re talking about our mobile phones and why (and how) we should give them a regular clean!

May 4, 2024

Germ magnet

Studies have shown that mobile phones can be breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses; in fact, they can be 10 times dirtier than your toilet seat. Gross! Your phone comes into contact with countless surfaces and for the majority of us, is rarely cleaned. This makes it party central for germs that could make you sick.

Keep it running smoothly

Dust and gunk can clog up your phone’s buttons and ports, slowing things down. Cleaning it regularly helps keep everything running smoothly without those frustrating glitches.

Longer life

Keeping your phone clean isn't just about good hygiene - it can also make it last longer. This means you might not need to replace it as often, saving you money down the line.

Clearer conversations

Ever notice your calls sounding a bit muffled? Dirt on your phone’s speaker and microphone can be the culprit. A clean phone means clearer conversations.

How to clean your mobile phone

Cleaning your phone doesn't have to be a chore or involve any fancy equipment. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to help you get your phone looking and sounding its best:

Power down

Before you start, make sure to power off your phone. This is a safety measure to prevent any damage while cleaning (or it could end in tears!).

Remove the case

If you use a phone case, take it off. You should really clean both the case and the phone (separately).

Be a softie!

Grab a soft, lint-free cloth for cleaning. Microfibre cloths are great because they can grab the dirt without scratching your phone. Steer clear of paper towels or anything rough that can leave scratches.

Go easy on the water

Never put water directly onto your phone. Instead, slightly dampen your microfibre cloth with water or an alcohol-free, phone-safe cleaner. Squeeze out any excess liquid from the cloth—it should be just damp, not wet. How to rescue a wet phone

Give it a wipe

Gently wipe the surface of your phone with your damp cloth. Be careful around openings like the charging port and speakers. A dry cotton swab can be used for these harder-to-reach areas.

Disinfect (optional but recommended)

For a deeper clean, you can use a disinfectant wipe designed for electronics. These are usually alcohol-based but are safe for screens and the outside of phones. Remember, the wipe should be gently used and not overly wet.

Clean the case

Don’t forget about your phone case. Clean it according to the manufacturer’s instructions—some cases can be cleaned with soap and water, while others might need just a simple wipe down.

Dry and reassemble

After cleaning, let your phone and case dry completely before putting them back together. This avoids trapping moisture that could damage your phone.

Cleaning your mobile phone is a simple and keeps your device in top shape, extends its life, and might just keep you healthier. Make a regular time for cleaning your phone, so that germs won't be your constant companion!

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