So, where do spiders lurk?

Not many people would purposely go hunting for spiders, but it’s important to check places where they might be lurking. Here are some of their favourite hiding places.

August 19, 2021

When the warm weather starts to arrive, the life cycle of many pests also starts to warm up. Spiders are a common problem, so make you check around your outdoor areas for signs that spiders have taken up residence.

Look out for spider webs. If you remove them and they are quickly rebuilt, you've got an active spider on your hands and maybe more.

Check for webs in dark, secluded areas of your garden such as:

1. Under windowsills

2. In sheds

3. Underneath fence capping

4. In and around outdoor storage

5. Underneath and around your outdoor furniture

6. In and around children's sandpits

7. Underneath trampolines

Also look out for egg sacs which are often attached to the underside of surfaces such as tables and eaves. Each sac can hold up to 100 eggs so it's important to get rid of them to avoid an infestation.

Obviously if you're not keen on spider hunting, you can call your local pest control expert to do it for you!