The perfect solution to preventing grotty grout

If you’re fed up with constantly having to scrub the grout in between your tiles to keep it clean, grout sealing could be the answer to your problem.

November 17, 2021

It may come as a bit of a surprise, but cement-based grout does not last forever. It can last a long time under the right conditions but as it is highly porous, it will suck up water, dirt, and oil like a sponge. And when we try to scrub it clean, all we do it move the dirt around. Over time, this water and grime can cause the grout to crack and your tiles to loosen.

Why it’s a great idea to have your tile grout sealed


Grout sealant adds a protective layer to your grout. Because grout is like a sponge, it sucks up the sealant, filling tiny gaps and keeping out dirt, grime and moisture.

It prevents mould and mildew.

Once moisture gets in through the porous grout, it’s the perfect breeding ground for mould and mildew, which doesn’t look good and is even worse for your health. Sealing the grout helps keep the moisture out – without which, mould can’t grow. Better for cleaning and better for your health.


Grout sealant can also strengthen your grout, slowing down wear and tear.

Easy cleaning

When your grout isn’t sucking up dirt and grime, it’s going to be much easier to clean. A quick wipe and it’s going to look as good as new.

If your tiles and grout have been installed for some time, have your tiles and grout cleaned first, otherwise you’ll be sealing the dirt in! If they are new, it’s the perfect time to get them sealed.