What is block mounting and why choose it?

If you love your artwork to have that frame-free finish or have a limited budget, block mounting is ideal. Here’s when you should consider it for your artwork.

May 19, 2022

Block mounting is the process of mounting any print or poster to a solid backing board which allows you to hang your artwork with a frame-free finish. This is an affordable alternative to framing your picture.

Posters and prints can be block mounted on a number of mediums including MDF (medium density fibreboard), foam board or a variety of polyurethane boards. Block mount boards are typically 1cm to 2cm thick and often have black or white edging.

  • It’s a cheap and cheerful way of brightening up your home and a great solution for music and movie posters that you don’t want to hang in a frame.  

  • Block mounts only need lightweight fixings in your wall to hang.  

  • It’s cost effective if you are on a budget.

  • Your block mount will last for many years.

  • The surface of your print can be laminated to add extra protection and provide fade resistance and protection against dust and finger marks.  

  • Great for kids’ rooms if you don’t want glass frames hanging on the wall.  

If your artwork has sentimental or monetary value, block mounting may not be suitable as this should be framed with conservation in mind, so it doesn’t deteriorate. Consult your local framing expert to discuss whether your poster or artwork is suitable for block mounting.