What is ridge capping and why is it so important?

Ridge capping may sound boring, but it's an essential part of your tiled roof! Here's why it's important and what can go wrong.

August 6, 2020

What is ridge capping?

Ridge capping covers the points on your roof where two tiled roof surfaces meet. Without it, there would be a gap and water would pour into your house whenever it rains. This is why you should always make sure your ridge capping is in good condition.

Another element is the mortar that holds the ridge capping in place.  If this is damaged, the result could be water damage to your ceilings and roof cavity and even the structure of your home

Why your ridge capping might need attention

  1. Your tiled roof is durable and long lasting, and it has to be! It withstands rain and storms in winter and the searing heat in summer. Over time, because of these extremes, the mortar holding your ridge capping in place can start to break down.
  3. Movement of the roof over time can cause the mortar to eventually crack. A major cause of this is the expansion and contraction of supporting timbers - again due to the weather.

The key to good roof maintenance is to keep an eye out for small problems and have them fixed long before the risk of ridge capping damage can happen.