What to do if your house keys are lost or stolen

Along with our wallets and mobile phones, keys are one of the most important things we carry with us every day. But what happens if you lose them, or they have been stolen? Here’s what you should do.

March 16, 2023

If you discover that your house keys are lost (or suspect they have been stolen) it’s natural to have a bit of a panic. There is never a great time to lose your keys and the thought that a stranger may have access to your home is distressing.  

First, make a note of which keys are missing. Was it a single front door key, or every key to your home?  

Contact your insurance company

Your policy may include services to get you into your house and change your locks.    

For stolen keys, notify the police

Often, insurance companies will require you to provide a police report if you file a theft claim.  

Change your locks

You can have the entire lockset changed, which means a new lock with a new key.  

However, some locks can be rekeyed. This allows old locks to be retrofitted to work with a new key, meaning any old keys will not work. This can be more cost-effective.  If your particular locks can’t be rekeyed, then have the whole lockset changed.  

Always use an experienced, registered and licensed locksmith who will be able to advise on your best option.

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