Which patio? - Gable versus skillion

There’s nothing nicer than a covered outdoor entertaining area to make the most of your home in summer and winter. But when it comes to the style – do you choose gable or a skillion roof?

October 5, 2021

When it comes to outdoor roofing options, the choice of gable (pitched) or skillion (flat or slightly angled) can be made for a variety of different reasons.

A skillion roof

  • Is the simplest building option and usually more cost-effective.
  • Doesn’t involve complicated carpentry.
  • Is angled to ensure rain run off without having to add guttering between the patio and the house.  
  • Can be installed quickly – some skillion patios can be put up in a day.

A gable roof

  • Can match the style of your house roof.
  • Can be cooler, as the height of the pitch allows more room for warm air to rise.  
  • Is more expensive than a skillion roof.
  • Provides better lighting and ventilation.
  • Allows more light and air into your outdoor entertaining area.  
  • Can be squeezed into narrow space.  

If you are thinking of installing a patio before the summer heat arrives, talk to your local patio specialist and they’ll be able to give you advice about the best style for your home and your budget.

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