Get rid of hot air in your home with a whirlybird

Without adequate ventilation, your roof space can heat to above 60 degrees in summer (yikes!). This heat will transfer through your ceiling and into your house, but installing a whirly bird will help keep your home cooler. 

October 26, 2023

Whirly birds (also known as turbine vents) are mushroom shaped metal contraptions, with fins on the outside, that are installed on top of your roof. They are a wind powered ventilation system that can make a huge difference to the temperature in your home by drawing the hot air out of your roof space. The fins catch the wind, making the whirly bird spin, circulating the air in your roof cavity, and sucking out the heat.  

Whirly bird benefits include:

  • Reducing the heat build-up inside your roof space.

  • Being a big energy saver as they help to keep your house cooler and your air-conditioner won't have to work as hard.

  • Roof timbers will be less prone to damage from warm air and moisture.

  • They don't cost anything to run because they work with the help of wind.  

  • They are a great solution to promote the circulation of fresh air.

  • They also help with the problem of roof cavity moisture which can cause mould.

  • They help to stop ceiling insulation from becoming damp from moisture, which will reduce efficiency.  

  • Whirly birds are quiet, so while they are working at night, they won't disturb your sleep.

The number of whirly birds you will need installed will depend on your roof size.

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