4 reasons why your sliding doors need attention

Sliding doors are great when they’re running smoothly. But if they get worn or damaged, not only are they difficult to open, they can also make your home less secure.

April 22, 2021

Alignment problems

Most sliding doors manage to get knocked out of alignment at some point. To realign, the door needs to be removed and reinserted. Sliding doors can be heavy and difficult to manoeuvre and the screws may need adjusting, so this is one job best left to the professionals.  

Broken or damaged rollers

Rollers are designed to be a replaceable item and how often they should be replaced depends on how often the door is used and whether it’s exposed to salty air and other elements (and the quality of the rollers installed).  

Dirt and debris

Dirt can also affect the rollers and once dirt, hair, pet fur or other debris gets on the track and inside the roller bearing, the roller will start to wear very quickly. The best way to ensure a long life for your sliding door is to regularly clean the track of dirt and debris.  


Once the bearing has failed and the rollers no longer roll, they will scrape along the track causing damage to the track itself. If the track is damaged, even with new rollers, the door may appear to bounce.  

You should be able to open your sliding door with one finger if all components are working properly. If yours doesn’t, call your local sliding door repairs expert to have a look. They can take care of any small problems, before they turn into big ones.