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Graham is your local metal roofing expert. He is the owner/operator of Roof Improvements and with over 10 years' experience, prides himself on his top quality workmanship, and honest, reliable service. All work guaranteed.

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FREE gutter and downpipe replacement (to the value of $2,000) with every full metal re-roof.

Your local expert in guttering, downpipes and metal roofs

Graham Bruce, the owner of Roof Improvements has over 10 years’ experience in the metal roofing industry. He prides himself on offering top quality workmanship to local residents, combined with prompt and reliable service.

Personal service

Because Graham is the owner of Roof Improvements, you can be sure you’ll deal with the same person throughout your roof repairs. Graham is happy to answer any questions you might have about the process and he makes sure that your property is always left clean and tidy after the job has been completed.

Give Graham a call to protect your home

Your home is probably your biggest investment, so you need to look after it properly. Whether you need leaks in your metal roof repairing, or your gutters and downpipes replacing, Graham will make sure the job is done properly, protecting your home.

Roof Improvements’ services include:

  • Metal roof maintenance
  • Metal roof leak repairs
  • Small sections of metal roofs replaced
  • Gutters & downpipes repairs or replacement
  • Whirlybirds installed
  • All work guaranteed

Gutters and downpipes

If your gutters are starting to rust, then it may be time to install new gutters and downpipes. These days, gutters and downpipes are manufactured to last longer and designed to handle larger volumes of water. The team can supply and install guttering, downpipes, valleys and flashings on your roof. Graham and his team can assist local residents, builders, owner builders and property managers who need a prompt and professional service.

Damage caused by a leaking roof

Never underestimate a leak and don’t wait to get it fixed. Underestimating roof leaks can not only be extremely costly, but also dangerous.

  • Roof leaks can be a fire hazard. As the water trickles into your home, it can touch wires located in your ceiling and cause a fire.
  • A leaking roof can cause toxic mould growth, which can severely compromise your health.
  • Roof leaks can rot the entire structure of your roof, including roof insulation. In the worst case scenario, the water damage can cause roofs or ceilings to collapse.
  • A leaky roof can also lead to insect and rodent infestations. All manner of animals can enter your roof if improperly sealed, leading to a variety of health problems and structural damage. Chewed wiring is especially a concern as it is suspected in many house fires.

Graham can fix any leaks in your metal roof, protecting you from dangerous hazards.

Don’t risk a fall, call Roof Improvements

Home handymen are suffering serious head and neck injuries in growing numbers, as they ignore safety issues while doing DIY roof repairs. Call Graham to install your new metal roof or tackle metal roof repairs. He has the experience and equipment to do it safely. It will be the best decision to save you time, hassle and the very real risk of serious injury from falling off your roof.

Metal roof replacements

If your metal roof has seen better days and the only solution is to get the whole thing replaced, call Graham. He and his team are the stress-free solution if you need a new metal roof installed.


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