Why do gutters leak?

Gutters quietly go about their job year after year – until something goes wrong to make us take notice. But a little thought about why they leak and keeping an eye on them can mean small problems won’t turn into big ones.

May 27, 2021

Here are 5 reasons why gutters can leak  

  1. Cracks: Over the years, small pools of water can form in certain parts of your gutters and cause cracks. This is most likely to happen where two pieces of guttering are joined.  
  1. Badly installed gutter joints: It is very easy for the connecting pieces of your gutter, like the elbow joints, to be improperly installed, leading to leaks.
  1. Loose connections: Over time, the fastenings used to connect lengths of guttering can give way due to everyday wear and tear. When this happens, your gutters come loose at the seams, allowing water to escape.  
  1. Gutter materials: There’s a range of materials used to manufacture guttering, including galvanised steel, Colorbond steel, aluminuim and plastic, and some are more prone to damage than others. Galvanised steel gutters are are far more susceptible to corrosion and rust than the others.
  1. Debris: Build-up of debris from trees and leaves can accelerate the process of rusting or corrosion if left stagnant for too long.  

In some cases, a leak may not be obvious (unless you stand out in the rain to check your gutters). However, there may be tell-tale signs such as soil that has been washed away underneath.  If you suspect you have a problem with your gutters, call your local metal roofing and guttering professional.  

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