Bring your lawn back to life

Bring your lawn back to life

Over winter, it’s easy to neglect your lawn, so it might be looking a bit sad. Here are 5 easy steps to bring it back to life.

September 24, 2020
Man aerating lawn with a fork

Pull those weeds

Over time, soil can get compacted (particularly in high traffic areas) making it difficult to retain moisture and nutrients. To loosen things up, use a garden fork to make holes in your lawn or an aerator tool.


Enrich your soil with compost and organic matter such as rotted chicken or cow manure. Dig it through to the depth of your space to get it right into the topsoil. This is also a great time to aerate and apply fertiliser to your lawn, so it will provide the burst of nutrients it needs for the growing phase.

Fix any bare patches

Remove any dead grass to expose the soil. Use grass seed for any small areas, but if there’s a large area to repair, roll on turf would be the best solution.

Top dressing

Top dressing will give your lawn a burst of fresh nutrients and help to even it out. First, mow your lawn – not too much as you are just trying to even out the length of the grass. Next, lay a high-quality top dressing mix over the lawn and level it with a rake. The tips of the grass should still be exposed.

Feed your lawn

After a long winter, your lawn will need a good feed. Sprinkle a slow-release fertiliser evenly over the lawn and water in. This will feed for lawn for 8-10 weeks. For a quick burst of growth, you could use a liquid fertiliser.

Also remember to check your reticulation before the summer heat. Over winter, unused sprinkler heads can become blocked by dirt, damaged, or loosened. Give your system a thorough once-over and replace any missing or broken parts before the hot weather kicks in.

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