Which lawn is best for your home?

If your lawn struggles in summer or doesn’t do well in the shade, it may not be the right lawn variety for your garden’s conditions. There are many lawn varieties to choose from so here’s a quick guide to which should go where.

June 23, 2022

Before you decide which type of grass to use for your garden, think about how the lawn will be used. Is it to make your home look nice, or will kids be running around on it constantly; and is the area in full sun, or in the shade (or both, depending on the time of day)?  Also, consider how much maintenance you are prepared to do!  

Soft Leaf Buffalo

  • Deep roots  
  • Does well in the shade
  • Fast-growing  
  • Can tolerate heavy traffic
  • Stays greener for longer during dry conditions
  • Bounces back to life quickly if damaged
  • Needs more water than some other varieties  

Wintergreen Couch

  • Deep roots
  • Blue green colour
  • Fast growing
  • Fine, dense, soft leaf texture
  • Recovers rapidly from damage or drought
  • Smooth, hardwearing surface  


  • Recovers well from damage
  • Fast growing
  • Hardy
  • Can be invasive so be careful where you plant it
  • Low growing for less mowing (yay!)
  • Soft surface
  • Grows best where daily shade is less than 10%


  • Sun-loving
  • Doesn’t do too well in the shade
  • Copes well with hot, dry conditions
  • Low maintenance
  • Repairs itself well after any damage
  • Hardy for well used areas
  • Can be invasive
  • Not as soft as some grass varieties


  • Slower growing than some varieties
  • Not invasive
  • Less mowing (yay again!)
  • Shade tolerant
  • Hardy and soft
  • Low maintenance
  • Takes longer to establish and bounce back from damage

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If your area is too heavily shaded it often won’t support a lawn, so you could consider ground covers instead.