Fun With Kids

DIY cool and creepy milk bottle ghosts!

If you're looking for something quick, easy and mess-free to make with the kids for Halloween, we've got the perfect activity for you!

October 18, 2023

You will need:

  • Empty & clean 2 litre milk bottles with the lids - make sure there's at least one per child to avoid arguments!

  • Black textas

  • Glow sticks of various colours; the 'fatter' ones are perfect but if you can't get hold of any you can use a small bundle of the thinner ones and wrap in sticky tape to hold them together.


  1. Start by drawing a ghostly face on one side of your milk bottle. You can get the kids to make up their own, or search online for some examples to copy.

  2. Next, grab your glow sticks and bend them to activate. 

  3. Pop them into your milk bottles, replace the lid and you're done!

  4. You can close your curtains or blinds to get the full effect, or wait until it's dark outside. 

  5. You can experiment with just one colour glow stick per bottle or mix it up a bit and see what happens!

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