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How to make a calming glitter jar

Creating a calming glitter jar with your children isn't just a fun craft project - it can be a great method for helping kids (and adults!) calm down during moments of stress or when they are feeling overwhelmed.

May 10, 2024


  • A clear, smooth-sided container (like a plastic water bottle or a small mason jar - with lids)

  • Clear glue or glitter glue (use hot water with glitter glue to avoid clumping)

  • Super fine glitter (and optional larger glitter or sequins)

  • Food colouring (optional, you'll just need a drop or two)

  • Hot water (not boiling). Use room temperature water if using clear glue

  • Strong glue or tape to secure the lid

Create your glitter jar

Prepare the container

  • Fill about three-quarters of your jar with water. If using glitter glue, mix it separately in a bowl with hot water to avoid clumps before adding to the jar.

  • Add glue and glitter

  • Pour glue into the jar (the more glue, the slower the glitter will settle).

  • Add glitter through a funnel to avoid sticking to the sides. Experiment with the amount of glitter based on your preference.

Customise the colour

  • Add a drop or two of food colouring if you want to make it more vibrant. Stir well to ensure even colour distribution.

Seal the jar

  • Once everything is mixed and you’re happy with the look, secure the lid with strong glue or colourful tape to prevent leaks and ensure safety.

Final touches

Give the jar a good shake to see the glitter swirl! Watch as the glitter slowly settles to the bottom.

Using the glitter jar

  • Teach your child to use the jar whenever they feel upset or angry. Shaking the jar can represent their feelings stirring up, and watching the glitter settle can help them to calm down.

  • Besides being a calming tool, the glitter jar also introduces kids to mindfulness by focusing their attention on the visual element of the swirling glitter. This can be particularly effective for kids who get restless easily.

  • Creating these jars can be a playful and creative experience, whether it's choosing glitter colours or the excitement of shaking the jar.

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