young boys with magnifying glass

Indoor scavenger hunts are fun fun fun!

If you're stuck in the house with the kids, try a classic treasure of a scavenger hunt. It’s great fun and will get their bodies and their brains moving.

August 6, 2020
young boys with magnifying glass

Treasure hunt

  • Start with a clue to find a location or an item. For example, ‘Go to the place where things are really cold.’ (Your fridge!). The difficulty of the clue should depend on age.
  • Have another clue waiting at that spot, which leads to the next spot and so on.
  • Place some ‘treasure’ at the final destination.
  • It can be anything the kids will like such a treat to eat, a toy or a DVD to watch.

This activity will teach kids about sequencing, which is the importance of following steps in order.

Scavenger hunt

This is a game where the kids are given a list of items to find in the house. There are lots of different themes you can use.

  • Colour scavenger hunt - they are given a sheet of paper with colours on it and have to find something that includes the colour.
  • Checklist scavenger hunt – a simple list of things to find, such as a stuffed toy, picture of someone in your family or something round. It doesn’t have to be over complicated.
  • A themed scavenger hunt such as nature, cooking or the alphabet.

5 tips for an awesome scavenger or treasure hunt

  1. Set some rules such a no running and taking it in turns to read the clues if there are a few children playing.
  2. Make the clues or lists challenging but not too challenging - you want them to succeed with a smile on their face.
  3. You could write the clues backwards, so the kids have to find a mirror to see what they say.
  4. Write the list items in anagram form so the letters have to be unscrambled first.
  5. For younger children use pictures instead of lists or clues.

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